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Snorkeling With Kids

Best Kids Snorkel Set – Guide & Reviews (2021)

Buying the Best Children’s Snorkel Set

Our kids love the water, and there’s nothing like a bit of ocean exploration when on vacation. When it comes to snorkeling, we have found it helped advance swimming skills when our kids were young because they didn’t have to coordinate breathing with swimming.

Whether you live close to the water or are looking for the perfect kids snorkel and mask to take on vacation with you, or use in a pool, there are a few things to take into consideration when deciding which kids snorkel set to buy. 

The best thing about the best snorkel set for kids is that it includes the essentials as well as (usually) a carry bag, so you don’t have to worry about buying a child’s snorkel or kids snorkel goggles separately. 

Many of the best diving and snorkeling brands out there have sets for kids of different ages, and provide a good quality product at a reasonable price. 

In this guide to the best snorkel gear for kids, we’ll cover the most important things to be aware of, which products are best (as well as which ones to avoid), whether you’re looking for the best snorkel set for 5 year old, or the best youth snorkel set. 

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Childrens Snorkel Set

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What to Look For In A Kids Snorkel Set

Our kids love to get in the water with their kids snorkel gear, and are always ready to explore under the surface. After trying and testing quite a few of the best snorkel sets for kids, here are a few of the things we highly recommend looking at before deciding which snorkel set is right for your children. 

In these kids snorkel set reviews below, we’ll cover what’s important to look out for when choosing the best kids snorkel set. 


Kids snorkel mask and fin sets luckily don’t have to be expensive to be decent quality – and we really do not recommend paying top dollar for a top of the line junior snorkel – especially if your kids are new to snorkeling or just trying it out. 

If it’s going to be your childrens’ first time snorkeling on vacation, it’s well worth seeing how they like it first before investing in the very best snorkel for kids. Also, given that kids grow so fast, the chances are they’ll outgrow their fins very quickly – in spite of the adjustable nature of most child snorkeling fins on the market. 

Luckily there are some great kids snorkeling sets on the market made by good dive companies for around $30 – $40, so we recommend not going too much above that price point. 


Just as it’s advisable not to pay too much for your kids snorkel equipment, it is worth reading reviews carefully (such as these) to make sure you buy a children’s flippers and snorkel set that’s strong enough to last more than a few snorkel outings. 

Given how much most kids love to splash and play around in the water, your child’s snorkel set needs to be able to take a knock to it (or two) without breaking. I suggest going with a well known brand and to read purchaser reviews before deciding which snorkel set to go for. 

The child snorkel gear that we recommend in the reviews below are all from reputable brands and have good reviews. 

Ease of Use

Whichever child or junior snorkel set with fins you go for, it should be one that is easy and intuitive to use. This is why we don’t recommend full face masks (see below). 

Things to look out for include whether the fins look easy to slip on and off, is the mask easy clean and made of high quality material (preferably tempered glass) and is the snorkel a dry snorkel that will keep water out. 

Another thing to make sure is that the seal is high quality. Silicone seals are the best and straps should be adjustable on the mask to ensure a good fit. We highly recommend getting a mask strap cover or padded strap – especially for girls – to avoid hair getting snagged and ripped out by the regular mask rubber straps. 

Dry Snorkels

We recommend opting for a kids dry snorkel when choosing your childs snorkel set. Dry snorkels have become increasingly popular and we always recommend them for kids learning to snorkel, as let’s face it – who enjoys a mouth full of salty water?!

As opposed to wet snorkels, dry snorkels contain a valve in the centre of the snorkel which close it off if the snorkel becomes submerged, covered by a wave, or you take a dive. The float valve seals the snorkel meaning that water won’t get into your mouth, which can easily be scary and off-putting for kids. You still won’t be able to breathe underwater, but it will keep the inside of your mouth dry. 

Most of the kids mask and snorkel set options listed here have dry snorkels. 


When looking at childrens snorkel gear and choosing the best fins, we suggest making sure you choose short fins that have an open heel. Open heel fins (as opposed to closed-heel, shoe-like models) allow for much more flexibility in fit, as you can adjust the straps as your child’s feet grow. 

Childrens Snorkel flippers
Don’t worry, they do figure out how to get the fins on IN the water, but maybe continue enjoying walking like a dinosaur in their fins!

Many open heel fins have thumb loops which your kid (or you) can grab to easily pull the flippers off once your little one has finished snorkeling, for minimum hassle. Short fins are certainly advisable over long fins which can be too heavy and challenging for children to manage. 

If your child is going to be swimming in warm water, you can also go for an open toed flipper (as well as the open heel) which is sometimes more comfortable to wear, too. The downside of this is if you’re swimming in cold waters, your feet can get chilly. 

We also recommend buying a pair of neoprene socks (see below) as part of your child’s snorkel set. Kids will ideally grow into their fins, so a pair of socks helps reduce risk of blisters and improves fit while your child’s feet are on the smaller side. 

Gear Bags

Last but not least, we strongly recommend choosing a kids mask and snorkel set that comes with a gear bag or case. 

Gear bags not only help keep your child or toddler snorkel set neatly packed away for travel, but it also helps protect the fins, mask and snorkel from sand scratches and unnecessary bumps, which will help prolong the life of your kids snorkel and mask set. 

Snorkel gear for kids makes hiking to a beach easy
Hiking to favorite beaches is much easier when their snorkel gear is contained in a gear bag!

Snorkeling Sets For Kids

Seavenger Voyager Kid’s Snorkeling Set

The Seavenger diving kid snorkel set gets great reviews and is one of our recommended best snorkel sets for kids. 

Featuring a gear bag, this set is compact and great for travel. It includes short, vented, open heel fins, a dry snorkel with one way purge valve for easy breathing, and the eye mask uses tempered glass for stunning underwater views. The fins are super easy to pull on and off thanks to the open heel design. The mask also features a silicone seal to avoid water seepage. 

There’s a choice of 3 different colors and is suitable for kids aged between 3 and 6 years old. So if you’re looking for the best snorkel set for 3 year old up to 6, this Seavenger set is well worth a look. 

Click here to see prices & reviews for the Seavenger Voyager Kids Snorkel Set!

Mares Head Italian Youth Sea Pals Snorkel Set

If you’re looking for a fun and colorful junior snorkel set, your little ones are bound to love these Mares fins, snorkel and mask set with animal gear bag. 

This Mares kids snorkel set comes in 9 different colors, and features medium closed toe fins with an open heel and quick release system that allows you or your kid to take off the flippers without losing the size adjustments made. The snorkel features easy exhale for purging and clearing of water. 

This child snorkel set comes with an animal themed gear bag and is available in either junior sizing (child shoe sizes 9-13 or ‘Small’ size) or adult shoe sizes 1-4 (‘Large’ size) for older kids. 

If you’re looking for a fun and good quality set that your kid can grow with for a couple of years, the Mares head set is a great option. 

Click here to see prices & reviews for the Mares Head Italian Youth Sea Pals snorkel set

Cressi Youth Snorkel Set

Popular dive brand Cressi have some of the best snorkel gear for kids and have come out with the junior rocks childrens snorkel set which is another one of my favorites. 

The Cressi junior rocks snorkel set comes complete with Cressi kids snorkel, short open heel fins, mesh carry bag and dual window designed snorkeling mask for kids made from tempered glass. If you’re looking for great quality but affordable equipment that your kids will get plenty of fun in the water out of, this could be the Cressi kids snorkel set for you. 

The set is available in 3 different sizes, and the fins feature easily adjustable buckles meaning that it should last your kids at least a few shoe sizes of growth. There’s also a thumb loop on the fins to make them easy to pull off and on. 

Click here to see prices & reviews for the Cressi Junior Rocks kids snorkel set

US Divers Young Adult Snorkel Set

Last but not least in these snorkeling sets for kids reviews is the US divers kids snorkel set. With great sizing for older kids (10+ years to young adults), this set features short power fins with lots of snap, soft shoe with open toes and an open adjustable strap at the rear. 

The set includes a dry snorkel with hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece, single layer face mask with soft silicone seal, and a carry / storage bag.   

We love this US divers snorkel set kids for its flexible sizing that’s best for slightly older kids – so if you’re searching for a youth snorkeling set, look no further. We also recommend it for its high quality fins that provide plenty of power for kids that want to swim or snorkel for longer. 

Click here to see prices & reviews for the US Divers kids / young adult snorkel set!

Snorkeling Gear For Kids

Neoprene Dive Socks

Most of the snorkeling set for kids options that we’ve reviewed in here come with open heel fins (and some with open toes, too) which are perfect for kids because they’re adjustable – but if you’re going to be snorkeling in colder waters, then we strongly recommend looking at buying some Neoprene dive socks for kids as well. 

As well as keeping your kids feet warm in cooler water, Neoprene socks are a great addition to any kids diving set as they’ll also help avoid blisters and keep the dive fins securely fitted if the fins are on the larger side for your child. 

Using booties or dive socks keeps feet warmer, makes long snorkeling far more comfortable, and helps keep feet comfortable inside slightly larger fins.

These Seavenger dive socks come in a range of colors and are durable and super stretchy, as well as non-slip.

Click here to see options for Neoprene Dive socks!

Kids Underwater Camera

Now that you’ve got the perfect childrens snorkel and flipper set, you’ll be wanting something for your kids to capture those colorful underwater moments on! 

The best underwater camera for kids options are fun and easy to use. These are a couple of my favorite models that our kids have tried and tested.  

Kids Underwater Camera
Kids have a lot fun taking underwater pictures, even of their parents!

Ourlife Kids Waterproof Camera

Great for kids aged between 3-10 years, this camera is perfectly built for small hands and makes the ideal accompaniment to any snorkel set for kids. 

This camera only takes videos and pictures, so you don’t have to worry about too much time spent on games. The battery lasts for up to 2 hours of continuous use underwater, so plenty of time to get some good shots. One of the best features is the strong light suppression – meaning no more blown-out photos from too much sunlight, which can happen a lot with snorkeling. 

The camera is waterproof to a depth of 30 meters and most importantly comes with a durable neck band so it won’t get lost in the water!

Check prices for the Ourlife kids waterproof camera here! 

Prograce Kids Camera

Also suitable for little ones aged between 4-11 years old, the Prograce kids camera in pink is the perfect companion to any kids pink snorkel set! (Or any other color for that matter). 

If you’re looking for a small and good value camera option, the Prograce is definitely one to consider  – super small like a go-pro, the camera has some handy features like face recognition and a 4x zoom. The battery allows for up to 1.5 hours of recording, and the waterproof shell is well-designed and durable. 

If you decide to go for the Prograce underwater camera, then make sure to buy a neck or wrist band to avoid your little one dropping it in the water. 

Check prices for the Prograce kids camera here! 

Mask Strap Cover or Mask Strap

Another essential children’s snorkeling equipment accessory is a strap cover to avoid hair (especially long hair) from getting entangled and snapped every time the snorkel mask is removed. 

You can either get a complete mask strap with cover for comfort to add on to your mask, or a strap cover that slides over your existing mask strap for improved comfort. I recommend getting a mask strap for girls with long hair (as even the sides of the mask strap can catch on hair and pull it), and a strap cover for boys. 

Check prices for Strap Covers here, OR

Check prices for Mask Straps here.

Anti Fog Drops

To keep your childs snorkel mask clear and clean, you’ll want to make sure you have Anti-Fog drops. These drops are designed for use with tempered glass lenses, so make sure you double check the materials used in your kids snorkel mask or goggles first before ordering. 

Buy Anti-Fog Drops Here!

Kids Full Face Snorkel

If you’re wondering about a full kids face snorkel, we don’t recommend these for a few reasons. 

Firstly, it can be tough to find a kids full face snorkel mask that fits properly – which is super important for the overall comfort and water-tight seal of the mask. 

If the mask does allow water in, the child’s whole face becomes flooded, which can be very alarming for little ones, as they can’t see or breathe at the same time. 

Children generally love splashing and playing around in the water, and with a bit of wild play, masks can easily become loose or dislodged, a recipe for letting lots of water in. 

Last but not least, while there are no doubt some good kids full face snorkel mask options out there, there are also unfortunately some poor quality masks which fog up very quickly or don’t have sufficient mechanisms for removing bad air. 

For all of these reasons, we suggest sticking with a conventional kids snorkel kit with a separate mask and snorkel for the best chances of your kids loving their time in the water. 

Ready to Explore?

We hope you’ve found this guide to the best snorkeling sets for kids useful! Snorkeling with kids is the best way to explore both the ocean and fresh water, and you will be amazed at what your kids find and observe.

Where are you planning on snorkeling next? Our favorite cold water snorkeling is searching for elusive sand dollars at Hermit Island Campground in Maine (USA). For a warmer experience, snorkeling in Hawaii has topped our list of favorites, especially at Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island. Where are you off to next?

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This post was first published in August, 2020 and most recently updated in November, 2021.

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